Kabuflex R plus Typ 750

Kabuflex® R plus Typ 750 is a pliable PE-HD conduit that can be fed through concrete foundation slabs; colour: grey, zero halogen, structured-wall design with improved green inner surface for quick insertion of wires and cables. It additionally features enhanced stability achieved by greater material usage. It is corrugated on the outside and has one transparent coupling (sandtight).

This conduit is used for special applications where standard compressive strength needs to be exceeded. Transparent couplings provide a sandtight (SD) connection of the conduits; a watertight (WD) connection of up to 0.5 bar can be achieved with a profile sealing ring. Kabuflex® R plus Typ 750 is delivered with a feed cord.

  • Pliable corrugated plastic conduit
  • High compressive strength
  • Medium impact strength
  • Easy insertion of long cables
  • Temperature range from -5 °C to + 90 °C