FFKuS-EM-F-105 co2ntrol

FFKuS-EM-F-105 co2ntrol is a medium-duty CO2-reduced corrugated plastic conduit with low-friction inner surface made of special plastic featuring plastic jacketing. It is non-flame propagating. The green stripe on the magenta conduit labels the conduit as a CO2-reduced product.

This corrugated conduit is used in eco-friendly building construction for cavity wall and underground installations and for installations in concrete. Advantages are its high temperature-resistance up to 105 °C and the low-friction inner surface of types 20 and 25. This allows easy insertion of cables and wires over long distances.

  • Pliable corrugated plastic conduit
  • Medium compressive strength
  • Medium impact strength
  • Highspeed technology
  • Easy insertion of long cables
  • Temperature range from -45 °C to + 105 °C
  • High temperature-resistant
  • Cold impact strength in extreme temperatures